Advanced Excel for Geoscientists.

Excel is a very versatile tool for improving day-to-day productivity.  People use Excel for many processes including management, budgeting, data analysis and assisting the interpretation process.


This course will build on your existing knowledge of Excel and show you ways of using Excel functions that you probably haven’t thought of.  Although you may think you know Excel pretty well, chances are that you only know certain functions pretty well.  This course will expand your knowledge of what you can use Excel for to improve your day-to-day productivity.


New functions are explained though the use of real world examples, many of which are example the course presenter has used in his job as a geophysicist.  Others are solutions that others have asked him to solve.


As an example, the Excel profile graph (X,Y Scatter plot) does not have zoom or pan capabilities.  However, it can be made much more useful by adding both pan and/or zoom using both slider bars and numeric

Participants will be shown how to calculate the Fourier spectrum in Excel and how to scale this appropriately as well as calculate the Power Spectrum.

The following are some examples of what participants can learn:

  • Optimising the setup and options.
  • Productivity tips and how to do things quickly in Excel (navigation around plus formula entry).
  • Functions finding data matching a condition. Analysing data based on conditions.
  • Data Import and Export to/from standard file types such as Geosoft XYZ format.
  • Filtering of profile data including despiking data.
  • Plotting profile data including zoom and pan using slider bars and numeric input.
  • Advanced formatting of your plots including using axes with different scales.
  • Pivot Tables
  • Calculating a Fourier transform and the Power Spectral Density (PSD).
  • Scenario analysis using the Solver as a kind of simple inversion.
  • Analysing 2D grid data including filtering and shading with colour.
  • An introduction to Macros.
  • Protecting your work.