The principal and founder of Concept Geophysics is Wayne Stasinowsky.


Wayne has been involved in the mining industry for many years and has developed diverse experience in data analysis and interpretation, often coming up with unique new concepts for processing and interpreting the data.               


Wayne has an applied geophysics degree with majors in geology, geophysics, maths and physics as well as formal IT qualifications.

Geophysics & Mining Experience

He has had experience conducting interpretation and research in all the major geophysical techniques including:

  • Magnetics including both TMI and tensor.
  • Gravity including ground, airborne and gradiometer.
  • IP including both 2D and 3D.
  • EM including ground and airborne.
  • Seismic for coal and seam gas.


He has work on data from multiple regions including:

  • Australia
  • North America
  • South America
  • Africa
  • Pacific Islands.


He has worked on many different types of resources including:

  • Gold
  • Base Metals
  • Coal
  • Seam Gas
  • Petroleum
  • Geothermal
  • Environmental
  • Operating Mines


Research Experience

Wayne has been involved in development of several of the leading new geophysical technologies of recent years including

  • Anglo’s SQUID tensor magnetometer.
  • Falcon and VK1 gravity gradiometers.
  • Quantec’s Orion true 3D IP system.
  • Seismic interpretation for operating coal mines.


He has also developed the following new concepts in interpretation and processing through new mathematical and geophysical approaches and algorithms.:

  • Automatic interpretation of tensor magnetics.
  • Gridding of tensor magnetics.
  • Telluric cancellation for IP data.


Project Management Experience

Wayne has extensive project management experience, managing projects’ quality, cost, schedule and resources.  He also has well developed risk mitigation strategies.


Wayne has managed projects with multiple teams in diverse locations including global strategic projects for large mining companies.  Projects have included airborne and ground geophysical projects, IT development projects and knowledge management projects. 


IT Experience

Wayne has a broad range of development, analysis and design skills. And has also developed strategies for mining IT systems for entire companies.

He has developed algorithms for Encom’s PA and ModelVision software and well as Mincom’s Minescape.

He has developed geophysical software in Matlab, C++, Fortran and VB.Net and has developed SQL Server database applications and connected them to web pages.



Wayne has conducted and currently offers training in:

  • Geophysics Concepts
  • Project Management
  • Software use including geophysical software and Excel.
  • Software development.