Concept Geophysics offers the following services:

  • New concepts in exploration.
  • New concepts in interpretation and processing.
  • Training in geophysics concepts and software.
  • Research and development assistance.
  • Custom software development.

New Concepts

New Concepts can lead to discovery.

Concept Geophysics specialises in finding new ways of processing and interpreting your data and turning that into geological interpretations.

By finding new concepts for data processing:

  • Noise can be suppressed or removed.
  • Subtle but meaningful features can be enhanced relative to larger less desirable features.
  • Structures can be made more visible.

By finding new concepts in interpretation:

  • Geophysical “anomalies” can be turned into prioritised geological targets.
  • Geophysics can be turned directly into geology using automated methods.

Research and Development Assistance

An essential part of research and development is the introduction of new ideas.  Concept Geophysics specialises in finding new ways of moving R&D forward through devising new concepts.  It has a significant record of achieving research breakthroughs which moved stalled research projects forward.

Custom Software Development

Custom software solutions provide ideal ways of gaining competitive advantage.  Turn your excellent procedural or interpretive ideas into tools you and your company can use regularly to improve efficiency and discovery rates.

Make macros for Excel and Word.  Create database solutions which can be stand alone or on the web. Make modules for Geosoft etc.

Coding can be in Python, MatLab, C++, C#, VB or Fortran.

Training in Geophysics Concepts and Software


Need professional development that is actually useful for your job day-to-day? Have a look at the numerous courses offered by Concept Geophysics and register your interest.

Existing or new courses can be customised for your team or company.