Concept Geophysics

A consultancy company offering technical consulting to the mining and exploration industries.

Research and Development Assistance

An essential part of research and development is the introduction of new ideas. Concept Geophysics specialises in finding new ways of moving R&D forward through devising new concepts.

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Training in Geophysics Concepts and Software

Need professional development that is actually useful for your job day-to-day? Have a look at the numerous courses offered by Concept Geophysics and register your interest.

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New Concepts can lead to discovery.

Concept Geophysics specialises in finding new ways of processing and interpreting your data and turning that into geological interpretations


Custom Software Development

Turn your excellent procedural or interpretive ideas into tools you and your company can use regularly to improve efficiency and discovery rates.

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Mines are often found using new concepts.  Concept Geophysics works with your data and objectives to find different ways of extracting the most information from your data, thereby maximising your chances of discovery or solving a geological problem.


One missed mine can devastate a company.

Can you afford not to try new concepts?